It’s certainly been a busy and exciting few weeks here at Bridwell Park. On Saturday August 5th we hosted an open day. All of the personal appointment slots were soon booked up and we got to meet some lovely people who all fell in love with the extraordinarily beauty of our venue.

Our team here really enjoyed sharing all of the wonderful possibilities Bridwell Park has to offer in making any special occasion a runaway success. The icing on the (wedding?) cake was that we came up with an extra special promotional offer for those couples who secured their booking by the end of August. As a result of this we are delighted to have several brand new clients with whom we now look forward to working with in the lead up to their Bridwell Wedding. This is actually part of the uniqueness here at Bridwell Park. We don’t just stop when a booking is made, for us that’s just the beginning.  We pride ourselves in being as helpful and responsive as we can be all through the process and are as enthusiastic and excited as our clients right up until their special day.

Following on from this we are delighted to now announce a new Open Day which will be held on September 16th …. We hope to welcome even more wonderful couples who are planning their special wedding event whether it be big or small. We really do cater for every occasion and every budget. Our recently launched Runaway Weddings have seen lots of interest and again you can be assured of a very personal experience as we talk through your plans.

So we invite you to email us at or call the office on 01884 842430 to secure one of our appointment slots… as with last time we will always try to accommodate you where possible should we get booked up on the day…also it may be worth mentioning that Summer 2018 is now looking rather busy with only a few weekends still available. If your heart is set on a date next summer we urge you to contact us soon. We will once again be offering a special incentive to those who book their event before the end of October 2017.

Of course it doesn’t just stop at weddings here at Bridwell… if you are planning an event whether it be an important birthday or anniversary then we are always happy to talk to you about your plans and tell you about how unique and special your celebration could be here ….dare we also mention that Christmas is just around the corner? Why not consider holding your private or corporate party here? More about our exciting plans for Christmas in our next Bridwell Blog!

In the mean time have you taken a look at our amazing interactive tour? You can access this by going back to the home page. We have had many compliments on how useful this tool is, both from potential clients as well as existing ones.

We hope to welcome as many of you as possible here at Bridwell Park on September 16th … Save the date!

Boho at Bridwell, Devon

Boho wedding bride at Bridwell in Devon

Trends come and trends go and new wedding terminology seems to pop up constantly in the top wedding blogs and wedding planner ‘speak’ but what does it all mean?

The Boho Bride seems to be top of the pops at the moment with references to boho luxe, boho retro and boho chic. So what does it all mean? The definition is as follows:-
‘Bohemianism is the practise of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits. Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers or vagabonds.’

The term bohemian was first used in the 19th century to describe non-traditional lifestyles of impoverished artists, writers, journalists, musicians and actors. They were unorthodox and frequently held anti-establishment viewpoints. It summed up a free spirited life which encompassed truth, freedom and love.

So how is this term used today in wedding terminology? A boho wedding is one which is unconventional, relaxed, free-spirited and quirky with styling to match. Think hippy, think barefoot bride, think natural, think formally informal and you begin to get the picture.  The venue can vary from boho beach to wild woodland, free spirited field to eclectic country house venue. The emphasis is always on nature, casual styling with a festival or carnival feel.

The Boho dress is unfussy, quirky, long and flowing. Boho hair is natural, carefree, braided or loose, intertwined with flowers or topped with a headband or floral crown. Boho flowers are wild and natural with an unstructured feeling and lots of greenery. Boho styling includes feathers, wood, lace, ribbons and diy jars and mismatched crockery.

The secret is to organise and style it very carefully to give the impression that it has just happened – a glorious amalgamation of organised, free spirited, quirky deliciousness giving the overall picture of a relaxed and fabulous boho wedding. The Boho Retro Wedding Festival at Bridwell earlier this year encompassed the whole ‘boho’ theme styled by Blue Fizz Events and how beautifully boho it was!

Plan your Boho wedding at beautiful Bridwell – find out more here.

Boho Weddings at Bridwell Park in Devon near Exeter